Tips For Maintaining Your Pneumatic Tube System

When you invest in a pneumatic tube system to help simplify your daily operations, that tube system comes with some necessary maintenance and upkeep. While you can work with a pneumatic tube system technician to do a lot of this work, it's in your best interest to at least understand the basics of preventative maintenance. Here are some of the things that you should do on a regular basis.

Maintaining The Tube Stations

The remote stations are the origins of each individual tube in the system. In most cases, those stations are either cash registers or bank teller stations. You'll want to examine each individual station for signs of trouble. Look at all of the hardware and wiring to ensure that everything is secure. Clean the carrier bin and the dispatch panel, which is where the buttons are to send the carrier to the central destination. You should also look at each carrier for signs of damage. Make sure the carriers close tightly and seal properly. Then, remind your staff members of the weight capacity for the carriers based on the system rating.

Monitoring The Diverter

The diverter is mounted at the end of the tube that exits the central destination, which is where all of the tubes are sent when they leave the stations. The diverter is used to direct the carrier to the appropriate station when you send it out of the central hub. Check the diverter tray and face plate to be sure that they are clean. Lubricate the chain in the diverter. While you're there, look at the condition of the seals to be sure that they are intact. Any signs of drying or cracking should be a warning sign to reach out to your local repair technician. Check the sensors and the port alignment as well, and then test the brake to be sure it's working properly.

Evaluating The Blowers

The blowers are an essential part of the air pressure system that moves the carriers. Make sure the air shifter, cage and face plate are clean and functional. You'll also want to inspect the vacuum sensor, pressure sensor and the seals. If there are problems with any of the sensors, if the air pressure is insufficient or you see problems with the seals, you'll need a technician to fix the problem.

The more attentive you are to the condition of your pneumatic tube system, the longer possible lifespan you'll get from the system. Work with a pneumatic tube system technician from a company like TH Hammerl Inc. to ensure that your system is working at its best.